For many Canadians, long-term dental health is an afterthought. However, ignoring your oral health can result in tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn out enamel and gum disease. Also, there are some dental health issues that are out of our control, like how our bite is formed and teeth grinding.

Full Mouth Restoration

Some people are so ashamed of the state of their mouths that they are embarassed of their smile. If you are plagued by multiple oral health problems and want a better smile, you may be a candidate for full mouth restoration.

What is full mouth restoration?
Full mouth restoration, often referred to as reconstruction, is a set of procedures performed to replace missing teeth, repair damages, correct flawed bites, remove worn-out dental work and fix issues with the jawbone and gums. In severe cases, full mouth restoration is done on people who have seen the ravages of periodontal disease destroy their gums. Full mouth restoration can be spaced out over time or can be performed all at once.

What procedures are involved in full mouth restoration?
There are many procedures involved in a restoration of this magnitude. Each procedure is done to correct a different issue within the mouth and repair both the lower and upper teeth. Restorative dental work includes, crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays and onlays.

Full mouth restoration also involves the aesthetic visuals of your teeth like the colour, shape and how proportionate they look in relation to your mouth. Additionally, if you do not possess a stable bite, occlusal changes will need to be made before you can undergo full mouth restoration.

Who is a good candidate for these restorative procedures?
Before any procedure, you will need to be in general good health. If you are a smoker, your dentist will recommend that you stop at least two weeks before your restorative procedures take place and do not start smoking again immediately afterwards.

As for the oral health issues, if you have a bite that doesn’t align, discoloured and damaged teeth and gum problems, you probably are an ideal candidate for full mouth restoration.

For more information about full mouth restoration, contact DH Smile Center. Let us fix everything in your mouth so that you can have a beautiful smile that you will love to show off.