Rediscover Your Smile in Just One Day!

Achieve the Impossible With Dr.Dan Hagi’s Full Mouth Implants

An alluring, functional, and healthy smile is often a person’s most striking feature, igniting a sense of confidence and wellbeing. Do your failing or missing teeth make you feel like an enchanting smile is out of your reach? Fear not! Dr. Dan Hagi and his team in Toronto, ON, are here to help you achieve the impossible with full mouth dental implants.

Embrace exceptional oral function and aesthetics with All-on-4®-style same-day teeth replacement. Utilizing advanced technology, Dr. Dan Hagi’s full mouth dental implants outshine traditional dentures, notorious for their discomfort, inconvenience, and poor fit. Full mouth dental implants render issues with chewing and speaking a thing of the past.

Discover the Transformative Power of Dr. Dan Hagi’s Full Mouth Dental Implants in Toronto,ON

Are you grappling with failing dentition, severe jaw bone loss, or multiple to total tooth loss? Dr. Dan Hagi’s full mouth dental implants in Toronto, ON, can provide you with a complete arch of replacement teeth, dramatically improving your quality of life, self-esteem, and confidence in your smile. Envision the positive impact of new teeth on your emotional wellbeing, as well as the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods, laugh, and socialize without any worries about your smile’s function or appearance. Patients who have undergone the All-on-4®-style treatment with Dr. Dan Hagi have experienced truly life-changing results.

  • Exceptional, long lasting new teeth that look and feel natural
  • 99% restoration of biting and chewing power for proper eating
  • Hassle-free at-home oral hygiene care and maintenance
  • Comfortable, streamlined in-house treatment process with Dr. Dan Hagi
  • Full mouth restoration with only four implants, significantly reducing treatment and recovery time
  • All-on-4®-style treatment minimizes the need for bone graft surgery while ensuring greater stability in the existing bone. It is even suitable for patients who have been told they do not qualify for implants due to bone loss
  • Full mouth dental implants offer more comfort than traditional dentures, providing a secure fit that feels like natural teeth
  • Say goodbye to concerns about false teeth slipping or falling out during eating or conversations
  • No need for denture adhesive!

Dr. Dan Hagi’s Approach To Creating The Perfect Smile!

With Dr. Dan Hagi’s experienced implant team, you can expect long-lasting, aesthetic, and functional results through full mouth dental implants. We invest in the highest quality implant and restoration materials, proven for their durability and success in the long run, to withstand biting and chewing forces while providing natural, aesthetic outcomes. While each patient presents a unique situation and treatment plan, we follow a consistent general process:

Implant Surgery

We extract any remaining teeth and, under comfortable sedation, place dental implants.  Once the implants are stable, we attach a temporary, either a prototype or a denture conversion.

Healing Time

Dental implants require 3-4 months to fully heal and integrate with your existing jaw bone. During this period, you will have a stable temporary that offers adequate function, allowing you to eat, speak, and laugh comfortably.

The Final Touch – Your Custom Made Prosthesis

Once your dental implants have fully healed, Dr. Dan Hagi and his team in Toronto, ON, take precise scans and impressions of your mouth and verify the accuracy with a specialized verification jig. This information is used to create a prototype that you can wear, enabling us to perfect the aesthetic appearance using advanced digital software. Depending on your individual needs, we custom design your final prosthesis using durable, aesthetically pleasing zirconia or PMMA material.

Embrace Life With Confidence!

With your implant treatment complete, you can relish a life brimming with confidence, thanks to your stunning and functional teeth that are permanently fixed in your mouth!

Dr. Dan Hagi’s Full Mouth Dental Implants Advantage

Our practice, located in Toronto, ON, is committed to implant-focused care, specializing in full mouth dental implants. Dr. Dan Hagi has made it his mission to provide the highest quality care for our implant patients by acquiring the latest training, technologies, and equipment. He has traveled the world to learn cutting-edge techniques in implant dentistry and boasts extensive experience in teeth replacement with dental implants.

With expertise in both the surgical and restorative aspects of dental implants, we are uniquely qualified to offer all-inclusive dental implant solutions for our patients, providing all facets of your care at our Toronto, ON practice. Our dedication to your experience has cemented Dr. Dan Hagi’s reputation as a leading implant specialist and the go-to destination for comprehensive implant dentistry.