Embracing the Digital Workflow Revolution

At DH Smile Center, we are at the forefront of dental innovation, leveraging cutting-edge digital workflow processes to enhance accuracy, aesthetics, and longevity in dental solutions. With over 20 years of extensive experience in digital technology, Dr. Dan Hagi and our expert team are dedicated to utilizing advanced techniques and technologies to deliver unparalleled dental care and beautiful smiles.

Precision with Intraoral Scanning

Intraoral scanning is a cornerstone of our digital workflow, allowing us to capture detailed, highly accurate 3D images of your dental anatomy. This technology eliminates the need for traditional impressions, providing a more comfortable experience and enabling precise measurements and assessments for optimized treatment planning.

CBCT 3D Visualization: Seeing Beyond the Surface

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) empowers us with 3D visualization capabilities, offering intricate details and insights into your dental structures, tissues, nerves, and bones. This sophisticated imaging technology facilitates accurate diagnostics and precise treatment strategies, ensuring the successful realization of clinical objectives.

Advanced Digital Laboratory Processes

The integration of advanced digital workflow processes ensures that every restoration is a masterpiece, blending beautiful aesthetics with long-lasting strength and durability. Our precise digital methodologies enable the creation of restorations that are harmonious, functional, and perfectly tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Witness the Precision: Before & After

Explore the transformative power of our digital workflow through the experiences of our satisfied patients.

Dr. Dan Hagi: A Pioneer in Digital Dental Technology

With a passion for integrating technology into dental care, Dr. Dan Hagi has amassed over 20 years of experience in harnessing digital technology to enhance dental diagnostics, treatment planning, and restorative solutions. His vision and leadership have positioned DH Smile Center as a leader in digital dental innovations, offering patients unparalleled precision, aesthetics, and quality in dental care.

Experience the Future of Dental Care Today!

Discover the impact of cutting-edge digital workflow processes on your dental experience and outcomes. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dan Hagi at DH Smile Center and step into the future of dental care!