Guided Dental Implant Surgery & Bone Augmentation

In our pursuit of dental excellence, we, at DH Smile Center, utilize advanced Guided Dental Implant Surgery and Bone Augmentation techniques, fueled by groundbreaking digital technology. Under the seasoned expertise of Dr. Dan Hagi, we often integrate Static and Dynamic Implant Guidance and leverage customized bone blocks to enhance precision, promote faster healing, and ensure long-term durability of dental implants.

Elevating Precision with Static Implant Guidance

Static Implant Guidance is an approach that enables precise and optimal placement of dental implants. By utilizing detailed 3D models and advanced planning software, we can visualize the optimal implant position and create a surgical guide, ensuring accuracy and minimizing risks during the implant procedure.

static guidance dental implant surgical device

The Future is Now: Dynamic Implant Guidance

Dynamic Implant Guidance allows for real-time navigation and adjustment during the implant placement procedure. This innovative method ensures accuracy and flexibility, enabling us to adapt and refine implant positioning for optimal alignment and integration.

dynamic surgical guidance implant dentistry

Customized Bone Augmentation: Building Foundations for Success

Our approach to bone augmentation is as meticulous as it is innovative. We fabricate custom bone blocks tailored to individual anatomical needs, ensuring the ideal foundation for implant integration. This personalized approach promotes successful outcomes, faster healing, and long-term stability of dental implants.

Uncompromising Durability & Faster Healing

Through Guided Dental Implant Surgery and tailored Bone Augmentation, we not only achieve precision and optimal alignment but also facilitate enhanced recovery and longevity. Our advanced techniques minimize tissue damage and expedite the healing process, ensuring the long-term success and durability of the implants.

woman with strong dental implants

Dr. Dan Hagi: A Maestro in Digital Dental Technologies

Dr. Dan Hagi’s extensive experience and passion for digital technology in dentistry have been instrumental in bringing advanced guided implant surgery and bone augmentation techniques to DH Smile Center. His profound knowledge and innovative approach ensure that every procedure is executed with utmost precision and care, setting new standards in dental implantology and prosthetic rehabilitation.

Step into a World of Advanced Dental Solutions!

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