We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Dan Hagi has been appointed to the prestigious position on the Editorial Board of the ITI (International Team for Implantology see https://academy.iti.org/ ) Academy, the world’s premier institution for implant dentistry education. This marks a significant milestone in Dr. Hagi’s illustrious career and underscores his dedication and contributions to the field of implant dentistry.

The ITI Academy is globally recognized for its unparalleled commitment to educational excellence in implant dentistry. It provides comprehensive, in-depth knowledge and practical skills development, setting the gold standard for professionals in the field. In a recent strategic move to broaden its educational horizon, the ITI Academy has expanded its platform, creating an exciting opportunity for 12 new Editors to join its Editors Panel. This expansion is aimed at enhancing the quality and scope of its educational offerings, ultimately shaping the future of implant dentistry education worldwide.

Editors play a vital role at the ITI Academy, tasked with assessing, developing, and refining both existing and new content. Working in close collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief and the Senior Editor group, they are instrumental in creating new courses that enrich the educational resources available to the global implant dentistry community. This volunteer-based model promotes a culture of collaboration and shared expertise, with each member contributing toward the advancement of the field through education and excellence.

Dr. Hagi’s selection as one of the 12 new Editors places him at the heart of this transformative phase in implant dentistry education. His involvement is poised to have a significant impact on the development of innovative educational content and courses, thereby influencing the skills and knowledge of the next generation of professionals in this specialized field.

This esteemed role not only allows Dr. Hagi to collaborate with some of the most respected colleagues and leaders in implant dentistry in the world, but also to increase engagment with the global implant dentistry community at large. His contributions are set to elevate the standards of education and practice in implant dentistry, influencing both practitioners and students across the globe.

We are excited to see how his expertise and leadership will contribute to the evolution of implant dentistry education and practice worldwide.