What makes a perfect smile? As one of the most defining facial features, it’s a question that has been asked for ages.

Perfect Smile Design Tips

But, thanks to advancements in the science of dentistry, we now have an accurate idea of what the general consensus is when it comes to beautiful teeth.

There are many factors in play when it comes to designing the perfect smile for your mouth.

Here are some of the biggest elements:

Straight teeth

This is one of the most obvious. A healthy, attractive mouth is going to have its teeth in line. But there are several components of having straight teeth that many people are unfamiliar with.

    • Proper teeth gap

In generally accepted aesthetics, there should be no noticeable gaps or spaces between your teeth. The central incisor teeth should be the ones that touch together the most. Meanwhile, the points where your teeth touch should resemble triangles, but not large ones. What’s more, this triangle should be filled with healthy gums and no blackness visible between where your teeth touch or along your gums.

    • Smile midline

This is where the two key teeth in your mouth – the central incisors – meet. They should nicely match the central line in your face when you smile.

    • Perfect symmetry

You want both sides of your mouth to mirror each other – achieving perfect symmetry for a maximum attraction factor. Sometimes this can lead to a smile looking too perfect and that’s where Smile Design artistry comes in to create perfect imperfections that are slight distortions of perfect symmetry.

White teeth

Any educated guess would tell you that this is a major factor in the perfect smile. The most attractive smile is one that features clean, white teeth. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are perfectly white, just a shade that isn’t closer to yellow or brown.

White teeth depend on other conditions such as the colour of your gums, lips, and skin tone – quite complex in all, when you think about it.

Healthy attractive gums

Your gums will show when you smile – and especially in the smiles of young people – so a perfect smile will include perfect, or near-perfect, gums. In other words, gums that are inflamed, bloody or have red colouring will detracted from the perfect smile. Luckily, these factors can be addressed through proper oral hygiene.

Lips matter

A pretty smile also involves the lips. If your lips are complementing your teeth, then you’re well on the way to a great smile! This means that your lip line – the upper part of your lower lip – should be roughly lined up in parallel to your smile line. This provides a level of proportion that makes smiles much more attractive. The lip line should also complement the shape of your teeth.

Whether you were born with the perfect smile or you’re seeking improvements to get there, your dentist has the technology to give you the desired result you’re seeking!