Your teeth are far from being in good shape. Some of your teeth are missing, and those that are still there are degraded and in poor shape from congenital factors or neglecting to take care of your teeth through proper oral hygiene and visits to the dentist’s office.

If this sounds like the situation you’ve found yourself in, you’re not helpless! There are still plenty of solutions to restore your smile.

That most popular and effective solution is teeth implants, also known as dental implants.

But the question is, how many teeth, exactly, can you receive implants for?

Although every patient is different, in general there is no limit to how many teeth you can have dental implants installed for – from a single tooth to the whole set of teeth in your mouth. Implants are a reliable way to replace missing teeth, and can be done safely in as little as one trip to the dentist’s office.

These implants are fixed and can help you chew your food with your teeth in a healthy position. They also make sure that the level of pressure and force you put on your jawbone when you chew is just the right amount.

During a dental implant procedure, specially made teeth anchors are inserted into your gums. The gum and bone may be augmented, to ensure that the anchors are safely and stably inserted.

Here at The DH Smile Center we use both metal, titanium, and non-metal, zirconia implants.

During the assessment of your eligibility for dental implants, your mouth may undergo a scan known as a CBCT scan, which takes less than 30 seconds. 3D planning techniques will be deployed to make sure the procedure is done with a high level of specificity and is tailored to the unique layout of your mouth.

The only limitation to the range of options when it comes to the number of teeth replaced through dental implants is the availability of a healthy bone foundation.

However, this can be dealt with by using a technique known as a bone grafting.

Whatever the state your mouth is in, you can get back to a fully functional and healthy mouth. Consult with your dentist to find out how you can build the perfect mouth at any age!