For those who are missing teeth or who have remaining teeth in bad shape, getting dental implants can be one of the best procedures to revitalize your mouth and bring back confidence to your smile. The results are simply unmatched, even when compared to other tooth replacement techniques such as dentures or fixed-bridges.

But what can you do if you have dental implants and remaining natural teeth which are improperly placed?

Crooked teeth or out of place teeth are conditions that a time-tested dental technique can fix.

That technique? Orthodontics using braces and Invisalign

However, orthodontic techniques can only be used along with implants if the conditions in the patient are just right.

Remember, everyone’s mouth is different – they have different natural factors, and the way our mouths develop is unique.

It’s generally optimal for orthodontic treatment to be used to straighten teeth before dental implants are inserted. This is the scenario that plays out most often, as it’s usually recommended by dentists and orthodontists. One way to think of this is to consider your teeth like pins in a bowling alley – you want them all to be set up just right before any action is done!

However, in some cases the braces can be used after the teeth implants have been inserted.

Some of the considerations a dentist will make before putting braces on dental implants include whether the orthodontic treatment is being done on teeth that are not near to, or opposing, the implants. If you are trying to properly align your front teeth with braces, while your back teeth are implants, then this option is possible.

Remember, implants are not natural teeth – they are fixed directly into the jawbone. This means they cannot move like natural teeth do, because they do not have the ligament present as we do in our natural teeth.

Another strong thing dentists have to consider is when the dental implant is being used as an anchor to better control the movement of specific teeth. Think of the implant as a post, which is then used with the braces to reposition the natural teeth by pulling them away or towards the implanted tooth.

No matter what the current situation of your teeth is, your dentist can find you a great solution for your dental needs!