When it comes to dental implantation surgery there are two approaches. You can have the implants placed in one stage or in multiple stages. As with any surgery there may be some discomfort but the aftermath is worth it.

Dental implants are not painful once they have settled in your mouth. It is only the after effects of the surgery that can cause some pain, but it is usually minimal and your dentist will prescribe something to help you deal with the soreness if necessary.

Is the procedure itself painful?

No, the dental implant surgery isn’t painful. You will be administered local and/or sedative anesthesia for your comfort and you will not feel a thing. For people that are nervous about their surgery, you can ask your dentist about options that can sedate you completely. However, with anesthesia you will also become relaxed and may not require a sedative as well. Your mouth will become numb, and you won’t feel anything.

What happens during implant surgery?

Dental implantation is an outpatient surgery, meaning you can go home after the procedure is done. Although, you should arrange for someone to pick you up since you will be coming off anesthesia and not be able to drive.

First, your damaged tooth is removed. If your jawbone requires it, a bone graft may be implemented (not everyone needs grafting). Then, the surgeon inputs the implant post of the in your jawbone. Some people have their artificial teeth implanted right away, others come back for multiple implantations. This depends on the state of your jawbone and how quickly it heals. No matter if you have multiple visits to your oral surgeon or just one, you will not feel anything during the surgery.

What happens after dental implant surgery?

No matter if you are having your procedure spaced out or done all at once, you will probably experience some of the following side effects; minor bleeding, discomfort at the site of the implant, bruising and or swelling around your gums.

Some people report that their faces, especially around the cheek and lip area also swell but this generally reduces after a few days. All the side effects of implant surgery are normal and will subside after or within a week.

If you were given dissolvable stitches to suture the implant site, they will disappear on their own causing no harm to your body. Conversely, if you were given stitches that weren’t self-dissolving, your surgeon will remove them approximately 10 days following your implantation surgery.

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